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Nickerie, Suriname, South-America

Special Economic Zone

A project by

Phoenix Development Comapany and

N.V Havenbeheer Suriname
(Suriname Port Management Company)

Special Economic Zone
Suriname, South America.

​The Special Economic Zone will create a hub for the world’s top companies to establish a footprint in Suriname, accelerating and solidifying the growth of Suriname’s local private sector.


Developing an Industrial Logistics Park (ILP), in particular: A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will significantly stimulate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Suriname, and will promote the development of Suriname and her people.


The SEZ will set out a specific set of policies which will incentivize FDI, and international companies to operate, transforming Suriname into a Hub-Port.


Real and durable wealth generation to the people of Suriname through properly planned, staged, and delivered development.


Many countries in the Asian region have introduced SEZs to develop their national economies by attracting FDI into the an SEZ. In a world of extremely fast paced development, it is easier, faster, and safer to the environment to provide relatively well-developed industrial infrastructures in these small special areas.


This allows for FDI to come into Suriname relatively quickly, and gives the Government of Suriname the needed capital and time to properly develop the rest of the nation to the best benefit of the people and for the future.

Strategic Partner

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Strategic Port Development Advisor


ESG Consultants / Advisor

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