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Nickerie, Suriname, South-America.

LNG Liquefaction

and Export Facilities

A project by Phoenix Development Comapany

and Make A Difference Ventures

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LNG Liquefaction
and Export Facilities
Suriname, South America.

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Firebird LNG plans to build initial facilities designed to fully integrate liquid hydrogen production, storage and loading alongside LNG produced at the plant, enabling Suriname to lead the energy transition in South America and CARICOM.


FirebirdLNG will convert harmful offshore flare gas to clean LNG. Fast tracking permits a projected first delivery in 2024, with 4,000,000 Tons/Annum, expanding to 8,000,000 Tons/Annum within 12 months of start-up. 


Firebird is leading the effort to relieve the current European energy crisis.

Open - Access Pipeline
Suriname, South America.

With an open-access pipeline positioned centrally in the Suriname-Guyana Basin so all operators can be connected, Firebird LNG will allow expedited service of all Atlantic Markets with zero choke-points or bottlenecks.


We stop the harmful flaring of natural gas off the coast of The Amazon, and turn it into clean energy to fuel the future. 

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Strategic Legal Advisor
Firebird LNG


Strategic Port Development Advisor
Phoenix Development Company


Supplier and Advisor


ESG Consultants / Advisor


EPC Contractor / Advisor

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