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Just off the coast of Nickerie, the westernmost city in Suriname, significant reserves of oil and gas have been discovered. This discovery brings new prospects for both the country’s economy and its people.

Situated in the heart of the Suriname- Guyana Basin, our strategic location positions us ideally to cater to the needs of the Atlantic Markets, making us a prime choice for businesses seeking to deliver their goods and services both locally and internationally.


With an initial allocation of 1500 hectares (3707 acres) and capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the new world economies, we aim to proactively elevate Suriname’s position to new heights. We are committed to developing top-notch infrastructure and resources to drive progress across various industries, including trade, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and the burgeoning energy sector.

The special economic zone within the port area will serve as a catalyst for economic growth, attracting businesses and investments. We will create an environment that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation.


By providing infrastructure, resources, and support to businesses, we aim to stimulate economic development and enhance the prosperity of the region.

In our national vision for this port, nature plays a central role. The integration of green spaces into the master design of the port complex is a fundamental requirement, known as “green-gray infrastructure.” The port and nature are intrinsically interconnected, with a shared and integrated purpose.

To help us in this endeavor, we have engaged the technical expertise of the Port of Rotterdam to develop the masterplan. The initial phases of the masterplan are now complete, outlining

a direction for the Port of Nickerie and the opportunities for Suriname.

The development of a port is an ongoing and evolving process, both short-term and long-term. It takes into account a multitude of key factors, including environmental and social considerations, economic opportunities and drivers, and the potential of future expansion. This requires careful planning and collaboration between various stakeholders including government, private sector and community.


For Suriname to stay competitive in an ever-changing world, the Port of Nickerie is being developed as a versatile infrastructure for the industries of the future.


We envision a modern port that integrates sustainable practices and utilizes advanced technologies. This will enable us to minimize our environmental impact, reduce carbon emissions, and take part in the energy transition as the world shifts to renewable energy sources.

We are dedicated to developing a port and special economic zone that not only meet the needs of today but also contribute to a better future for our children and their future generations.

MOU's executed with Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors B.V., Combi Lift Projekt GMBH & CO.,

Van Aalst Group BV, and Safeway BV.
for the development of the Port of Nickerie.


From left to right: Albert Jubithana, Minister of Transport, Communication and Tourism, Andreas Talea, Managing Director, Havenbeheer Suriname, Marc Höhne, Senior Vice President, Combi Lift (Harren Group), Mart Marrink, Managing Director, Van Oord Panama, Walt Teter, CEO, Phoenix Development Company, ,Wijnand van Aalst, CEO, Van Aalst Group and Safeway

During the Suriname Energy, Oil & Gas Summit & Exhibition 2023 (SEOGS), The Port Management Company of Suriname and Phoenix Development Company signed MOU's with Van Oord, Combi Lift, Van Aalst Group and Safeway for the development of the Port of Nickerie.


The companies wish to record the progress made so far and will continue to identify, promote and implement green strategies and nature-based solutions for the development of the Port of Nickerie. The agreements include identifying partnerships for the construction of the port, nature compensation options, integration of green energy, sustainable transport systems, waste management and other environmentally friendly developments that contribute to the sustainable growth of the Port of Nickerie and Suriname.


Given the worldwide operations of Combi Lift (Harren Group), Van Oord, Safeway and Van Aalst Group, the companies will continue further talks to establishing bases at the Port of Nickerie in order to facilitate their activities in the region.

Signing ceremony on June 21, 2023. Picture: Albert Jubithana, Minister of Transport, Communication and Tourism, Andreas Talea, Managing Director, Havenbeheer Suriname, Mart Marrink, Managing Director, Van Oord Panama, Walt Teter, CEO, Phoenix Development Company.


First phase of the masterplan completed by Port of Rotterdam.

In June of 2023, the Port of Rotterdam presented the completed first phase of the masterplan for the Port of Nickerie to the Cabinet of the President and Counsel of Ministers and the management team of the Port Management Company of Suriname (Havenbeheer Suriname).

Masterplan presented at the Port Management Company of Suriname
(Havenbeheer Suriname). 
Picture: Minister of Transport, Havenbeheer Suriname, Port of Rotterdam & Phoenix Development Company.


Masterplan presented at the Cabinet of the President and Counsel of Ministers on June 21, 2023.

Picture: President of the Republic of Suriname, Minister of Natural Resources, Minister of Transport, Havenbeheer Suriname, Port of Rotterdam, Phoenix Development Company & Firebird LNG. 


Technical advisor Port of Nickerie

Port of Rotterdam, on request, provides port advisory services to governments and public/private port companies, in some cases opting to co-invest. The Port of Rotterdam has been assigned

as a technical advisor by Phoenix Development Company to draft a masterplan for the development of the Port of Nickerie & Special Economic Zone in collaboration with N.V. Havenbeheer Suriname. The objective of the masterplan is to “quantify and outline the market potentials, the spatial planning requirements and the financial framework for establishing and growing a deep water port & industrial zone in Nickerie over a period of 30 years in order to facilitate industries and the development of the economy. The Development Masterplan will set the direction and the foundation for a more detailed Business Plan.”

Port of Rotterdam is among the top 10 ports of the world and the largest port of Europe. It is the gateway port for many traded goods into Europe, reaching 500 million consumers within 24 hours.

In the port of Rotterdam approximately 467 million tonnes of cargo have been handled in 2022. It represents one of the biggest petrochemical clusters in the world, receiving some 13% of the total energy consumption for Europe and reaching some 40% of EU Industrial end users for their energy needs. It is known for its high quality hinterland logistics, its deep water accessibility, its high safety standards, efficiency and its best-in-class port infrastructure. The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s core tasks are the sustainable development, management and

operation of the port, the maintenance of the smooth and safe handling of shipping and supporting the future-resilience of the port of Rotterdam.

The Port of Rotterdam is dedicated to comply with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, which is a legally binding international treaty on climate change, accelerating the worldwide energy transition. The energy transition can be seen as an opportunity for Suriname. It leads to sustainable development of the port-industrial area, economy and society in the region. This creates opportunities for existing and new companies both local and international.


Suriname is one of the few countries in the world that contributes

in a positive way to global warming, as Suriname has a negative balance of CO2 emissions.

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Our ESG Commitment

We commit to be a responsible corporate citizen in creating a positive impact on the environment, local society, and economy through our sustainable development practices. We envision a future where people, nature and economy are complementary to eachother. We aim to preserve the natural environment for future generations and contribute to the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest. By working with us, our clients will be able to share in our commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.

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