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Every project has its unique DNA

We understand that every project possesses its own unique DNA, a distinct combination of elements that sets it apart from others. We recognize that each endeavor comes with its specific set of challenges, opportunities, and intricacies. With this understanding, we approach every project with a customized and tailored mindset and craft innovative and sustainable solutions that address specific characteristics.

Port of Nickerie
& Special Economic Zone

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Firebird LNG

Port of Nickerie

The Port of Nickerie serves as a dynamic platform, enabling national and international companies to seamlessly connect with near-shore and off-shore industries in the region. By eliminating chokepoints and bottlenecks, our strategic location ensures smooth and efficient trade flows, positioning Suriname as a regional hub for a diverse range of goods, services, and products.

Firebird LNG

FirebirdLNG is at the forefront of developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities in the Guyana – Suriname Basin.


Firebird’s goal is to provide a home for natural gas, which in turn provides an economic, environmental, and social solution that resonates with natural gas producers, the nations in the basin, and our LNG buyers in Europe.


Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of the energy landscape by providing a cleaner, more reliable, and sustainable source of energy to the markets. We commit to be a responsible corporate citizen by creating a positive impact on the environment, local society, and economy throughout the development and operation of our LNG facility.

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