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Offshore Energy – joining forces for Offshore Energy

The Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference on 29 & 30 November brought together more than 400 exhibitors and more than 6,500 registered visitors in the ‘Home of Energy Transition’ in RAI Amsterdam. It was very busy and good business was done!

IRO & Young IRO

IRO and Young IRO shared the usual stand at the entrance this year. Young IRO is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, so we gave a new twist to the stand with the offshore air hockey game. Many offshore colleagues competed against each other, a great success that caused a lot of excitement in the stand!

On Wednesday, two Young IRO Board members (Ruben de Nie & Ivo Muller) took The Stage and presented an offshore Pub quiz. The winner went away with a real Technic Lego Offshore Rescue Helicopter. You can watch the Pub quiz here.

Delegation from Suriname

In addition to many old and new contacts, we were pleased to receive, guide, and connect a delegation of entrepreneurs from Suriname, led by Phoenix Development Company, with many of our members. With the development of a brand new offshore port with an LNG terminal in the port of Nickerie, they are working on a serious project.

IRO will organize a Netherlands Pavilion at SEOGS in Paramaribo from 26-29 June 2023. See the calendar for more info.

Joining forces network drinks

On Tuesday, we joined forces with DMEC (Dutch Marine Energy Centre) and NWEA (Dutch Wind Energy Association) for a joint network drink in the Marine Energy Pavilion.

All in all, a good fair with enthusiastic visitors. In 2023, Offshore Energy will take place on 28 & 29 November.

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