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Start signal Port of Nickerie

On November 21, 2022, the go-ahead was given for the construction of a new deep-water port, called “Port of Nickerie”. The port is part of a larger plan to create an economic hub in Nickerie. Port of Nickerie is an initiative of the Surinamese government in collaboration with N.V. Havenbeheer Suriname, Phoenix Development Company, Port of Rotterdam, Firebird Energy LLC and Siemens Energy.

Minister Albert Jubithana was very pleased with this joyful event. “This port will open new perspectives for the economy of Suriname and the Surinamese population,” said Minister Jubithana.

To take full advantage of the recent oil and gas discoveries, it is important to construct a deep-water harbor in this area. The port will facilitate the exploitation of these minerals and provide additional services to the oil and gas sector. It is planned to complete the port in 2025. The port will be built on the right bank of the Nickerie River.

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