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FIREBIRD LNG - Gas Solutions for the Guyana-Suriname Basin

FirebirdLNG is at the forefront of developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities in the Guyana – Suriname Basin.

Firebird’s goal is to provide a home for natural gas, which in turn provides an economic, environmental, and social solution that resonates with natural gas producers, the nations in the basin, and our LNG buyers in Europe.

Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of the energy landscape by providing a cleaner, more reliable, and sustainable source of energy to the markets. We commit to be a responsible corporate citizen by creating a positive impact on the environment, local society, and economy throughout the development and operation of our LNG facility.

As we develop our LNG operations, we aim to contribute to the development of the Port of Nickerie. Our operations will play a pivotal role in driving local economic development, boosting employment opportunities, and stimulating trade and investment in the surrounding region.

Our partners, suppliers and relationships take us closer to our short and long-term goals. By leveraging expertise, advanced technology, and the strategic location, FirebirdLNG aims to become a reliable partner, fostering long-term relationships with natural gas suppliers in the basin and our LNG buyers in Europe.

FirebirdLNG, together with MAD Energy, fosters responsible development and has initiated a mangrove preservation/ enhancement and shoreline integrity program with local and international university experts. Visit ESG Programs

Together, we can unlock the vast potential of LNG from the Guyana – Suriname Basin, contribute to the global energy transition, and build a sustainable energy landscape for generations to come.

We develop to harness the potential of otherwise flared or untapped natural gas and transform it into a cleaner source of fuel. By converting this valuable resource into a more sustainable and responsible energy source, FirebirdLNG will make a positive impact on the environment, local economy, and communities. By working with us, our suppliers and clients will be able to share in our commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.

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