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Green development in Suriname with partners, Van Aalst Group & Phoenix Development Company

Suriname, one of the three carbon-negative countries on Earth, is set to develop Port of Nickerie with the help of the Van Aalst Marine & Offshore. In an interview with Wijnand van Aalst, CEO of the Van Aalst Group, Vidjai Doerga from the Phoenix Development Company and Raantdew Gadjradj, QHSE Manager of the Van Aalst Group. The two parties discussed their partnership and the goals they hope to achieve in the development of the port. Joining them on this visit was Albert Egbert Jubithana, Minister of Transport, Communication, and Tourism of Suriname, from the government of Suriname to overlook the partnership and make sure that the environmental considerations are highly prioritised in the project development.

Let's take a closer look at the discussion they had.

As Vidjai Doerga and Wijnand van Aalst discussed the next steps to solidify their partnership. They plan to bring in Van Aalst for some early contractor involvement to ensure they approach things correctly. Van Aalst already being a part of the Port of Rotterdam family is a positive development, as it aligns with the goal of building a family of companies to develop Suriname.

In the picture from left to right, Raantdew Gadjradj, Wijnand van Aalst, Albert Egbert Jubithana and Vidjai Doerga.

Wijnand van Aalst emphasised the ambitious nature of the plan laid out by the Phoenix Development Company but indicated that the final investment decisions need to be made this year.

"We are confident in the possibilities and have already been dealing with several companies in Suriname. We are looking forward to expanding our business together and making the ambitious plans for developing the Port of Nickerie a reality by the end of 2025."

Vidjai Doerga continues on this and stresses the importance of having their ship sailing in the right direction. He adds;

"We greatly appreciate the Van Aalst group's involvement in this endeavour, as we hope to take advantage of their expertise and apply it for the best result in Suriname."

Overall, it is clear that both parties are committed to working together to develop the Port of Nickerie and achieve their ambitious goals. They plan to continue collaborating and making progress towards final investment decisions to bring their plans to fruition.

Stay tuned for more updates and details about this project and more of the interview will be shared in the coming weeks - so keep an eye out on our page!

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