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Sustainable Integrated Project Logistic Solutions - COMBI LIFT and HARREN GROUP

The Port of Nickerie is for us a very potent economic convergence zone, with many tactical and strategic advantages for the country of Suriname and the partners who contribute here in a value-added and thoughtful way.

Combi Lift is part of the Harren Group, a shipowner group made up of a diverse network of maritime and logistics services companies. Together, we are the bridge between land and sea. The home where great minds meet and the place where what’s needed is connected to what’s next.

As one of the few countries in the world with a negative CO2 footprint, this region of the world is one that is all the more important and worthy of protection, which means that we too do not want to leave it to coincidence that economic advancement is developed here with care and consideration in harmony with the exposed climate protection function for this planet.

We, the Combi Lift and Harren Group, have set ourselves the task of decarbonizing our business models and thus offering sustainable services for the future without having to compromise on performance and quality.

To this end, we are constantly bringing the best people on board and investing in ZERO emission technology and processes. We offer our customers a fair CO2- neutralized service via corresponding certificate purchases, but much more importantly, we want to and will operate with assets and technology and as well with our organizations in a CO2-optimized and generally emissions-neutralized manner in the future.

The development of the Harren Group’s emission-optimized Orca class of vessels is the best example that we do not shy away from investments and entrepreneurial risks to achieve our vision of a more carbon neutral service provision and that we continue to develop ourselves in the right direction.

As friends of Suriname, but also with people in our organization who have their own roots here, the country and its people are especially close to our hearts.


For over 30 years, Harren Group has united the best thinkers and doers, to solve your toughest challenges and with Combi Lift as part of the group offering best solutions possible as your integrated project logistics and freight forwarding provider.

Carrying the solutions no one else can, keeping the world on the move, and leading the energy transition for a greener tomorrow.

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