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Working with the Environment - Port of Nickerie

EAME is very pleased and proud to have been selected as the lead ESIA consultant for this dynamic project. We take great pride in working with such an ESG focused client team. We

have a common goal to achieve environmentally and socially responsible development,

creating assets that bring about transformative socio-economic benefits whilst also protecting and even enhancing the environment hosting it.

EAME is a multi-disciplinary environ- mental consultancy with expertise in tackling complex environmental problems, operating globally across various technical disciplines and industrial sectors, and fielding experts in environmental science, geography, ecology, geology, environmental chemistry, and engineering for both onshore and offshore environments, emphasizing the importance of relationships for the success of the business and projects.

EAME has been engaged from the project’s beginning and has independently spearheaded the development of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) programs for the Port of Nickerie, with Steve Rowan, the Managing Director, leveraging his nearly decade-long research and development experience in the region and over three decades of assisting renowned companies with environmental impact management.

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