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Deep Water Port
Suriname, South America.

In November 2021 N.V. Havenbeheer Suriname (HBS), Suriname Port Management Company, and Phoenix Development Holding Company LLC (PDC) signed an agreement for the development of a Deep-Water Port (DWP) and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) under a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) structure.​

The facility will accommodate large vessels and is ideally located to service all Atlantic Markets with zero chokepoints or bottlenecks. As a "Market-Access" point, Suriname will become a regional hub for goods, services, and products.

The DWP and SEZ will support the upcoming oil and gas, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, trade, and tourism industries kick-starting the diversification of the Surinamese economy.

PDC has contracted one of the most successful ports in the world the assist with the Development, Commercialization & Monetization of the Deep-Water Port & Special Economic Zone.

Container Ship
DWP Suriname

Special Economic Zone
Suriname, South America.

Due to the massive amount of reserves found in the Suriname-Guyana Basin, the Deep-Water Port must be moved to the top of the priority list.

  • Developing this Port as an Industrial Logistics Park (ILP), in particular: A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will significantly stimulate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Suriname, and will promote the development of Suriname and her people.

  • The SEZ will set out a specific set of policies which will incentivize FDI, and international companies to operate, transforming Suriname global into a Hub-Port

  • Real and durable wealth generation to the people of Suriname through properly planned, staged, and delivered development.


Many countries in the Asian region have introduced SEZs to develop their national economies by attracting FDI into the an SEZ. In a world of extremely fast paced development, it is easier, faster, and safer to the environment to provide relatively well-developed industrial infrastructures in these small special areas.


This then allows for all the FDI to come into Suriname relatively quickly, and then gives the Government the needed capital and time to properly develop the rest of the nation to the best benefit of the people and for the future.

LNG Liquefaction and Export Facilities
Suriname, South America.

Firebird LNG was formed as a partnership between Phoenix Development Company and Make A Difference Ventures to implement the first liquefied natural gas processing infrastructures for the Suriname-Guyana Basin.

Firebird LNG is positioned in the ideal location in the Suriname-Guyana Basin to have the most competitive LNG supply. Firebird LNG is prioritizing the efficiency of its production infrastructure as every mile/km of unnecessary equipment or infrastructure costs millions in Cap-Ex up front, Op-Ex over time, and is then translated into the sale price of each MMBTU of LNG. Firebird LNG's liquefaction and marine-loading facilities are being developed within the bounds of, and in conjunction with, Suriname's new state-of-the-art Deep Water Port and Special Economic Zone.


With an open-access pipeline of at least 30 in., positioned centrally in the Suriname-Guyana Basin so all operators can be connected, Firebird LNG will allow expedited service of all Atlantic Markets with zero choke-points or bottlenecks. As a "Market-Access" point for producers and manufacturers, Suriname will become a regional hub for goods, services, and products in CARICOM, Northern Brazil, and Latin America.

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Who We Are

About Our Company

Phoenix Development Holding Company LLC, with offices in Houston Texas and Paramaribo Suriname, is a consortium formed by a group of entrepreneurs out of Texas, Suriname, the Netherlands, Curacao, New York, Miami and London.


Suriname is on the precipice of becoming an innovating world-class exporter.

Taking into account the newly found oil and gas reserves, the major reserves of Bauxite (aluminum), Gold, Nickel, etc., as well as, major agriculture capacity, the most fresh water on earth and a stable political environment which promotes free enterprise: Suriname is the ideal place for worlds producers and manufacturers to sustainably develop industries of the future.


Phoenix is bringing together the worlds best operators and experts, and the most cutting edge technologies to develop state-of-the-art infrastructures needed for the future.

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Walter C. Teter

CEO, Phoenix Development Comapany

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We are a full-service project development and finance advisory firm.

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